Still life mind  map 


a photogram is a picture produced with photographic materials such as light-sensitive paper, but without a camera .
here is an example

man ray

man ray was an american visual artist who spent most of his career in France.   

jan groover 

Jan Groover was an American photographer who spent the last part of her life in Montpon-Menesterol, France, with her husband, a painter and critic named Bruce Boice. Groover was born in Plainfield, New Jersey and died in 2012 at Montpon-Ménestérol.  
she received a bachelor of fine arts degree in 1965.  

here is an example of her work:

In this composition she dosn't take photos of objects but she wants to get angles and shapes in her work.and she uses triangles and she splits the photo up with clean lines.

Eadweard Muybridge 

He was born on April 9 1830,  and he also died on may 8 1904.

Eadweard Muybridge was an English photographer important for his pioneering  photographic studies of motion, and early woke in motion-picture projection. He adopted the first name Eadweard as the original Anglo-Saxon from Edward, and surname Muybridge believing it to be  similarly archaic. He kept taking pictures of moving objects and then he put them all together and created a moving image.

Animation project

At the start of this project i mad my own scene with a card board box and some blue, black and grey card also I used some Plasticine for the obstacle for the car.   
The most imporant 

Rule of thirds 

With these images above I took them with the rule of thirds option on the camera  and these are my best three images. 
also they look like this because I adjusted the brightness, the curves, the colourer and all the other adjustments in photoshop.
And my results are above.