1) David hockey was born in England and he went to California to work .
2) he also used the overlapping technique.  
3)a joiner is consists of a series of photographs taken from different view points. 

Alexander rodchenko

this is a photo taken by a famous photographer called alexander rodchenko in 1929.He was bon on the 5th December 1891 and he died on the 3rd December 1952.this photo was taken from a low shot. 

First Photo Shoot

This is a step by step guide of how I adjusted a photograph from colour to black and white.  I went on Photoshop and then I went on black and white and changed all the colours to black and white in that order.  then I used the curve tool in adjustments and made some curves in the line. and the last picture is where I adjusted the curves again. 


This is my step by step guide for a kaleidoscope :
step 1. pick an image and open it on Photoshop .
step 2. pick the polygon tool and change it to 6 sides and then place a polygon where ever you want.
step 3.  then pick the polygonal lasso and in the polygon  you will have to draw a triangle from one side to the middle.   
step 4. then pick the back round layer then click edit and click copy then past.
step 5. then you click the eye next to the back round and then keep add print screens of you working in photoshop to demonstrate how you did it.
  • Mirror photo shoot final images and write about them

before                                  after 

this is a step by step guide to make a Alexander apostol inspired image :
step 1) select an image that has a windows and bricks .
step 2) then you select a part of the bricks ad then past it repeatedly until all the windows.  
step 3) then you flatten image and  then save it.
Alexander apostol manipulated these images to made it look like they are real and people has just forgot to add in the windows. 
the idea behind Alexanders photos are to make them look real and that people would think it was an building that was met to have  widow but didn't.     
These images are made by Alexander and he has manipulated these images digitally to make it look like they have no windows by covering them up. it makes the viewer fell taped and the will think its natural until they look at it properly and concentrate. And i have created 1 of my own above. It makes the viewer feel taped because the is no way of getting out.   

mini planet 

with these images I used a tripod to take loads of photos 360 degrees  all around. then I put them on photoshop and put all of the images on page and adjusted the brightness and contrast to create one long panoramic image. I then used the transform tool to squeeze the long panoramic in to a square. I then used the polar coordinates  effects to create this mini planet and tunnel image. I like these images because it answers the project brief effectively and shows my own personal environment in an interesting and artistic way. to improve these images I would work on the edges and brightness to make it look like a polished piece of work.