I have taken two photos one is with a blurred back round with  a focused person. The other has a a blurred person with a focused back round. This is a technique is called panning.  
the first photo i took is of the camera moving with the object and the back round is blurry with a focused subject. 
the  second photo i kept the camera   still with the subject moving, withe a longer shutter speed, to create a clear back round with a blurry  subject. 
to create this image i took three photos and cropped them out one by one to make it look like the subject is moving and for it to look like the subject is not staying in the same position.  

Shinichi Higashi  

Here is a light trail that is taken in Tokyo by Shinichi Higashi at night and it is over a motor way. He used a long shutter speed so he could capture the lights of the car not the car. He has also copied the image and mirrored it to create a better image and a better scene. 

light trial